Assassination Day

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Assassination Day

by David J. Wighton

Book #3 in the Wilizy Series

Copyright 2014, David J. Wighton

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Parent Advisory

Sexual attraction and how Wilizy characters respond to it is a consistent theme in the first five books of the Wilizy series. Sexual attraction is a major part of teenagers' lives today and creating Wilizy teenagers who lived without such temptations and urges would make them appear phony and incomplete. I have included sexual attraction within the Wilizy series so that readers can see that these characters do encounter this and do have problems dealing with it. I recognize that this aspect to the story might be uncomfortable for young teenagers and their parents. On the other hand, this content provides an excellent opportunity to discuss human sexuality from the non-threatening perspective of how imaginary teenagers handled it.

In Book #3, Assassination Day, Will and Izzy are finding it more and more difficult to deal with the sexual tension between them. As such, this novel contains scenes that are a little more "racy" than in previous books. Parents of very young teens may feel that this third book would be more appropriate for their sons/daughters when they are older. To help you with that assessment, here are the scenes you might wish to review.

• Chapter 1: Will and Izzy wake up together and there has been some touching. Both Will and Izzy struggle separately with this. They enjoy what has happened but feel that it is wrong.

• Chapter 2: Will wants to learn more about breasts and so asks questions publicly. There are comedic overtones.

• Chapter 10: Izzy decides to let Will see her breasts but with disastrous results. This chapter is more comedic than sexual.

• Chapter 15: With Yolanda's help, Will now understands how difficult it would have been for Izzy to appear without a top in front of him. He had had no idea of the significance of what she had done and how his reaction would have made her feel.

• Chapter 26: Will tells the adults what happened when Izzy revealed her breasts. Izzy responds to everyone's undue interest in her life with a microsecond flash of skin. The content is comedic, not sexual in tone.

Throughout this series, readers will encounter no explicit sexual content. Characters struggle with their mutual sexual attraction, but this aspect to this series is all about how they deal with those desires and not about the sex itself.

Wilizy Family Members as of May 2082

• Doc and Granny (about 71 years old).

• Hank (about 40) and Yolanda (about 36).

• Wolf (16) and Yollie (15).

•  Will (15) and Izzy (16).

• Nat/Wizard (13) and Lucas (10).

• Theo (9) and Mathias (8).

•  Reese (7) and Winnie (6).

• Stu McKenzie (41) (Lawyer and then Manager of the WZBN).


• Zzyk (the Evil Gnome).

• Rick (Zzyk's assistant).

• Ingrid (Head of the IOF's baby making business).

• Igor (Ivan's replacement in charge of DPS computers).

• Ivan/TG (Tech guy from the DPS), and Liset his daughter.

• Franklin Franklin (Important man in the B.C. government).

• The four babies mentioned in this book were stolen from a DPS child center in the previous book.

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Chapter 1

From Will's journals: May 1, 2082.

I was cuddling with Izzy in a double-sling that was hovering above a white cloud bank that stretched in little waves of cloud-froth to both horizons. Cuddling in a sling is like cuddling in a comfy sleeping hammock except that we were thousands of meters high in the sky with nothing stopping us from plummeting to the earth except for the few thin filament wires that formed the sling. It's quite enjoyable floating around in the sky. However it's not enjoyable floating around in the sky when Izzy is weeping into my chest.

I'm certain that she wasn't crying about me seeing her naked. When Zzyk was holding her hostage in the childcare center, I had instructed a communication probe to find her and she had been stepping out of her bathtub when it did. The video feed was live but I hadn't realized that she had no clothes on. I had more important things on my mind since this was the first time that Izzy and I had been able to talk together since she had been captured. We became very busy planning her escape. Afterwards I remembered that I had seen a lot of bare skin, so I went back to the visual records and looked again. I suppose I shouldn't have looked that second time.

So I knew that I deserved what she did to me after the debriefing of our battle with Zzyk. Izzy gave me a choice. First I had to undress. Then I had to choose between squeezing myself into a pair of women's slingshot-looking underwear that appeared decidedly uncomfortable or letting Izzy see me naked. I chose the second option.

However Izzy turned her back to me while I undressed and then she flicked her head towards me for a second when I told her I was ready for her to look. I think that she had her eyes closed at the time, although I might be wrong about that since it happened so fast. I guess she was letting me off easy. Izzy is very hard to understand sometimes. But I did realize that she didn't want me seeing her naked and I did feel bad about deliberately peeking at her.

Izzy wanted some time alone with me and suggested that we fly around in the sky until we were sleepy. So we both changed into our nightclothes, which we did without looking at each other. Just like we always do. Then we climbed into a double-sling and accelerated above some extensive cloudbanks until we had a good view of the full moon. The sky was full of stars and I put the sling into a slow circle, thinking that Izzy would enjoy the view. We had been cuddling together since entering the sling. Izzy raised her face to me and we started to kiss.

Then she started to cry. It started softly. But the sobs became louder and she started trembling. I didn't know what to do other than hold her. I knew that she wasn't crying because I had kissed her

too hard. That had happened months before but Doc helped us work that out. I knew that I had kissed her the way she liked. Besides she had never cried like this before. These were body-wracking sobs and her cheeks were streaming with tears. I saw them in the moonlight when she raised her head to me once, and for reasons that I do not understand, I tried to console her by kissing away her tears. She smiled a little at me when I did that and then she ducked her head back into my chest and held me really tight while her body shuddered against me.

Here's another thing I don't understand. Tears are simply salty water. The body produces them to wash away any grit that might fall into the eyes. I don't know what purpose they serve when a person is crying from unhappiness. And as far as I know, they do not carry any contagious diseases. But shortly after I kissed Izzy's tears away, I had a scratchy throat, my mouth began salivating, and I had difficulty swallowing. I wondered if the fluid pressure inside my mouth had somehow become unbalanced because it seemed to me like the excess saliva in my mouth was now coming out of my eyes. I too found myself silently weeping and I couldn't stop. I don't think that Izzy noticed, and I started feeling better at about the same time that she did, so I didn't say anything to her. But how could a simple kiss of a sterile tear carry something contagious from her eyes to mine? I will have to ask Doc about this.

I know why she was weeping and shaking though. When Izzy lived with the dissidents, she was frightened all the time about the DPS capturing and torturing her for information. After Zzyk's agents discovered us in Surrey, I had been surprised that she would make herself into a hostage so that I could escape. I wanted to talk her out of it but she insisted that the DPS was after me, not her, and she'd be fine. I don't know what Zzyk did to her when she was a hostage. Izzy hasn't said anything about the time she was imprisoned, but it must have been bad. After she was rescued, I think she couldn't hold back her feelings of being frightened any longer and that's why she was shaking. I think I'm right. I'm not going to ask Doc about that though because Izzy wouldn't want me to.

I looked down at Izzy sleeping quietly in my arms. I discovered something else that I wouldn't be asking Doc about.

# # # # # # # #

Izzy and I sleep in the same bedroom in the Wilizy, but we don't sleep in the same hammocks. We wear skimpy clothing to bed because neither of us likes being hot when we sleep. I wear a pair of loose fitting black shorts. Izzy wears green shorts and a thin, sleeveless green top that falls to her knees. Tonight she was wearing a much shorter black top made out of some flimsy, shiny material that didn't even reach to her belly button. My discovery? Izzy wasn't wearing much of that black top any longer.

I remembered hugging Izzy tightly when she was shuddering against me and the new top must have gotten scrunched up then, but I didn't notice it. Now as I watch her sleep, I see that the entire black top is up around her neck and shoulders. I can feel what's pressed up against my bare chest.

I've thought a lot about when this might happen. Sometimes when we're in the middle of a hockey game, it's all I can think of. When we used to exercise together on the ship, I would look at her dancing and get the thoughts. Or when we were in a cloud and showering close to each other, I'd get the thoughts. I'd even shift my shower location a little closer to hers to peek at her showering. But I know that was wrong. And I know that having these kinds of thoughts are wrong. Izzy doesn't think about these things and she certainly doesn't want me to. That's why we have the rule about illegal use of the hands during our hockey games. That's why she got mad when I looked at her coming out of the bath. And that's why I'm going to ease away from her and lower her top. And that's why I'm not going to look when I do that, even though she'd never know that I did. But I don't have to pull down her top right now. It might disturb her sleep, right?

The IOF warned all of its children that thinking about sex would turn them into perverts. I remember one of my teachers showing us an old movie with a pervert in it. He was all hunched over, walked funny, had a huge hump on his back, and spoke in a weird voice. The teacher said that he also drooled a lot. When I was trying to find out more about sex, I would often check myself in a mirror to see if I were developing a hump. That was easier to measure than the amount of drooling that I did. For a while, every time I swallowed, I would wonder if that was the beginning of drooling too much.

Now I know that thinking about sex won't turn me into a pervert. Now I know that enjoying cuddling like this is normal. I like this way of cuddling. I'm going to stay this way for a bit longer. To distract myself from feeling her bare chest pressed against mine, I will think about something scientific. Like I always do when I have to distract myself from thinking too much about Izzy's body.

I looked up and saw the big orange moon looming in the sky. What if Izzy wanted to visit the moon instead of just look at it? Keeping an oxygen supply in the sling would be the biggest challenge. Clamping the baffles shut wouldn't work. Even the slightest leak could be disastrous. Could I carry something that produced oxygen? Plants?. . .

# # # # # # # #

From Izzy's journals: May 1, 2082.

I woke up before Will, as I usually do. I was a little disoriented at first, but was quick to realize that I was in a sling and that we were quite high in the sky. I was also quick to feel him cuddled behind me with his left hand on my bare breast.

This wasn't the first time that this had happened. Some months ago, Will and I had been watching a romantic movie from the comfort of Will's sleeping hammock. We had fallen asleep together and I woke up to find his hand on me. Then I fell asleep again. Later I found his hand still there and freaked. But I never told Will what had happened.

I had beaten myself up badly over that. I knew what would happen if I didn't keep iron control on my feelings. Pregnancy would happen. And Will and I both knew that with a baby to slow us down, Zzyk would inevitably capture us. I would be killed, Will would be zombified, and the baby would be held as a hostage to Will's good behaviour. I had freaked because I knew that sleeping in an intimate embrace once would make it all the more likely that it would happen again.

I looked down at the shortest tank top that I owned hanging around my neck and Will's hand where it didn't belong. I admit that I like his hand being there. I also admit that I like our hockey games a lot. Zzyk had called me a slut and had offered to let me service Will's needs. But I am not a slut. Although I had sort of felt like one when I had rummaged through my bureau last night to find this particular top. But I was very careful not to look at Will last night when he took off his clothes. A slut would have looked at him naked. So that proves that I am not a slut.

Will says that he can feel my breasts against him when we hug with our clothes on. What's the difference if he feels my breasts with his chest or if he feels them with his hand? No difference. So therefore, I am not a slut.

A slut would have encouraged him to do more than just look at me climbing out of the bath tub. I threatened to make him wear that garish thong to show him that I didn't want him seeing me naked. As for his hand, I'll remove it when he shows signs of waking, pull down my top, and he'll never know what he had done in his sleep. I will continue to pretend that I don't want him touching my breasts. That means I am not a slut.

Besides, Will doesn't think about these things. I think about them a lot, which is why I draw pictures of Winnie and hang them all over our cabin. They're reminders of what would happen if I lost control of my emotions. Will doesn't know that the pictures are a primitive form of birth control. He wouldn't need to find ways to distract himself from having thoughts about sex. Sluts wouldn't care about birth control. Therefore, I am not a slut.

Besides, Will is totally engrossed in science and doesn't have many human emotions let alone understand them in others. He became upset one time when we had to bury some murdered children, but I've never seen him show any real emotion otherwise. I know he likes me. So that's an emotion, I guess. But I doubt he even thinks about sex with me. How can a person who h

as limited feelings understand someone like me who can become upset about even little things? I used to say I became angry easily because I have red hair. But the truth is that I get angry a lot because I grew up with everyone but Doc hating me. My own mother was the worst. I know that I'm an emotional wreck, but I am not a slut too.

Besides, I had a very good reason for wearing a skimpy top in the hopes that Will would react this way. It's true that I didn't anticipate my pathetic emotional breakdown after our first kiss. That happened, in part, because I had been terrified of being tortured and telling Zzyk about Hank and Yolanda and their children. And last night I became very misty when Yolanda and Granny adopted me into their family. But the main reason that I couldn't hold it together after our first kiss in the sling was because of what I had learned while I was a hostage.

I had a lot of time to think when I was a hostage. So I spent my time plotting Zzyk's destruction. Not in anger. But strategically. What could I do, and what could Will invent, that would allow us to defeat Zzyk so that the people of Alberta could live happy, normal lives? Now I know how that can be done.

I know how we have to organize ourselves so that we can have a chance of succeeding. I know the initial things that we can do that will put pressure on Zzyk and his security goons. I know that we can have initial success. I know the goals that we will have to strive for next, although I don't know yet how to achieve them. But most important of all, I know how long it will take us to free the people of Alberta.

I figure it will take at least 15 years. Perhaps 20 years. Could Will and I battle against Zzyk and make no mistakes and encounter no treachery in that 15 or 20 years?

Not a chance.

One mistake is all it would take for us to lose the war. I expect to be caught, tortured, and killed before I'm 21.

I want to have some good experiences before I am murdered. Sleeping like this with Will is one of them. But I am not a slut.

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Chapter 2

The Narrator: May 2, 2082.

Breakfast in the ship was an informal affair, with people appearing sporadically from the temporary cabins below, fixing something to eat for themselves, and going below to eat and dress. Afterwards they brought their dishes and cutlery back up to the galley and washed and put away what they had used. They had this routine because eating on the main deck wasn't very comfortable.