Author: Richard Young
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Published year: 2010


Tomat is a gambler who would be a degenerate if he didn't have a figurative ace up his sleeve - he can read minds. He finds himself talked into joining a tournament where he has to hide his ability or suffer the consequences. Read it for free at https://stories.osterin.comAn epic WWII saga, for fans of The Bronze Horseman and Outlander. Outcast and despised as a Roma (gypsy) in World War II Romania, all Tsura longs for is a sense of safety and a place to belong. Just when she believes she's found home in the arms of her lover, for both their safety, she's forced to leave him and marry another. Against the sweeping backdrop of war-torn Romania, Tsura fights one day at a time to survive the fall of fascism, the unrest of civil war, and the rise of Communism. Yet in spite of all she's forced to endure, the biggest surprise of all? Home might be found in the last place she ever expected it—with her own husband.Excerpt:“It won't be a real marriage.” Tsura put her hands to Andrei's shirt and pulled him in close. “I'll never share a bed with him. I love you. I only do what I must to keep us all safe. Once the war ends, it'll be as if it never was.” She caught his face in her hands. “I am only yours, Andrei.” “Yes, you're only mine,” Andrei bent over and growled in her ear. “When you put on that dress for him and walk down the aisle in that ugly goy church,” he kissed her hard before putting a strong hand to the back of her neck, pulling her forehead to his, “you think of me, here. When you say your vows to that man, you remember that it's me who has owned your body tonight.” He again pressed his lips to hers. It was a claiming.Book I of II.
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