The Demigod Interviews: Julian King

Author: Mandy Oviatt
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2014


In this version, Olisbeth Mason interviews Julian King, son of Aphrodite. Julian King is the son of Aphrodite and works as a marriage and family therapist. He is also the designer and founder of a very prestigious dating website, where he's made millions of dollars helping people find their soul mates via the internet. What is it like growing up when your mother is the goddess of Love and Lust?In My Lady Olives, book one of the Olisbeth Mason Chronicles, Olisbeth/Athena discovers the existence of an entire world of gods and half-gods "demigods" in human form. Each demigod is born for a purpose, and their experiences as the child of a god varies as much as the gods themselves. In her last life, Aphrodite, known as "Yvette Bazin," a famous french Cabaret dancer and singer in post-WWII Paris, married an American and became an even more famous star of the 1960s Silver Screen before her 1976 murder. In this short story, her oldest son, Julian King, ruminates on what it was like growing up around cabarets in post-War France, about getting "the talk" from his mother, discovering his mother's murdered body, and how he coped with the after-effects of the grisly murder.
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