Tales of Dark Fantasy

Author: Robert E. Keller
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2014


A collection of Robert E. Keller's fantasy short stories that were previously published in online and print magazines and in the Fantasy Stories Series, Volumes I, II, III, and IV. Story names: Dream Spinner; Breathing Space; A Christmas Frost; Spirit Wolves; The Pipes are Calling; The Burning Strands of Daylight; Wood Axe; The Necromancer's Burden; Brock Strangebeard and the Skulls of CallaharnThe Lunar Tales anthology is a collection of five speculative short stories set on Earth's Moon. Discover what happens when you die in a dream. Examine the mystery of a murderous thief at a well-established lunar colony. Explore one man's conflict as he struggles to save his moon base from annihilation. Find out what happens when explorers enter a sort of lunar Bermuda Triangle. And find out what it really felt like to take man's first step on another celestial body. Includes Dream Soldiers, Philatelist's Gold, Old Wounds, OtherPlace, and Tag-Alongs. BONUS: Read the first three chapters of the moon-centered action-adventure novel RUFUS QUINCE: BOUNTY HUNTER - DREAMS OF A FOOL, included at the end of this entertaining volume.
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