Assassination Day

Author: David J. Wighton
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2014


A DPS technician offers to defect if the Wilizy will rescue his daughter from The Citadel – some super smart military people who are friends with Zzyk. Izzy thinks that their new recruit is an assassin, but Yollie insists that he's a decent man. Can assassins be decent men? It will take a hair-raising experience to find out."Sadie Stories" is a virtual peephole into the lives of the denizens of the idyllic village of Sadie, Connecticut. Focusing primarily on gay teenager Corey Evans, a Seventeen year old import from San Francisco who relocates to the small town after his Mother's untimely death and finds himself a little more than startled at the bizarre reality that encompasses Sadie; a town of perpetual happiness and blissful ignorance regarding anything beyond it's boarders. However, beneath the exterior of perfectly aligned tract houses and well manicured lawns, a delicate web of personal eccentricities, dashed dreams, wounded souls and dark secrets lay quietly in wait. During that last magical summer, on the cusp of adulthood, Corey finds himself an unwitting harbinger of change, as his very presence rocks the very delicate balance they cherish. Treasured friendships are forged and consequentially challenged, the ties that bind families, once thought impenetrable, are torn, and decisions are made that will change the course of lives forever. Chronicling that period in our lives when we each find our crossroads, Sadie Stories offers a unique glimpse into the very real events that mold us as human beings, offering distinctive portrayals of Men and Women, both young and old, from all walks of life- ultimately celebrating the tenacity of the human spirit.
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