White Heart (Merrydian's Gate, #1)

Author: A. E. Wright
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2014


Violet was an ordinary teen, until the day she stumbled through a mystic portal. Catapulted to a place beyond her wildest imagination, Violet must learn to harness her newly discovered magical abilities if she is to overcome the evil witch Agrona. With the help of the powerful wizard Merrydian, Violet embarks on a journey of adventure, love and above all – heart.A JOURNEY THAT IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEARTThe world of magic has been banished to the stories of myth and legend in modern Britain. Of course it has! Many years ago, after the great war with the malevolent witch Agrona and her army of terrifying Gnarls, the humans wanted nothing more to do with the magical beings they had grown suspicious of. With a heavy heart the wizard Merrydian created a gateway to an island, hidden, not far from the coast of the United Kingdom. Merrydian vowed that magical beings would live out their days there. For a long time the island of Falinn Galdur remained hidden.Violet is an ordinary sixteen year old going about her business, worrying about the future and her imminent ascension to the adult domain. Violet is about to discover a world that she could never have imagined. With Violet's presence on the island of Falinn Galdur also comes danger, danger that could awaken an ancient force for evil. ‘This is the kind of girl that every book needs as a main character.' - Paperback Princess
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