Uneasy Alliance

Author: Aubrey Fredrickson
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2015


After their first meeting, it seems unlikely that Kira Nichols and Leena Wallace will ever be friends. After all, Kira did open the magical door to another realm that Leena had worked so hard to close forever. But then a stranger disappears through the door and the girls must work together to keep everyone safe. Can the New Girl and the Lady Reborn settle their differences before it's too late?Uneasy Alliance is the fourth story in the Tales from Seelie High series. It mostly takes place between the events of the second and third story and narrates the struggles of both Kira and Leena as they attempt to come to terms with their families, with each other, and with their own place in a very unusual town. After the somewhat clandestine town meeting at the local pub, Kira is pretty sure that Leena hates her and she doesn't know why. But being hated by a complete stranger is only one of her problems. After opening a magical door to the Otherworld, hardly anyone will talk to her at school, but everyone wants her to explain the door and what happened when she opened it. Since she doesn't know, she's getting a bit frustrated. Not to mention that she's still reeling from her parents' divorce. With everything going wrong, Kira is ready to pack up and get out of New Elphame for good.Leena is trying to come to terms with being a regular teenage girl who just happens to have wings and the memories of dozens of past lives crammed in her head. Some days she can't even remember who she is, but maybe hiding out in her room isn't the best plan. As she struggles to find a balance between her current and past selves, she'll also have to find a way to keep all of her people safe. She's pretty sure that as long as Kira stays as far away as possible, she might be able to do just that.Follow Kira and Leena as they face their problems and try to find a way to work together to keep their friends and their town safe.
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