The Rise Of The Ashatamaran Empire

Author: Erich Donaldson
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2014


Lee Mason is a founding member of the Ashatamaran empire who has grown disgusted with this way of living he helped create. In an attempt to take down the empire, he fakes his own death and begins lurking in the shadows as a masked man hell-bent on watching his former friends burn to the ground.A Tales Of Correndrum Short Story (6800 words) - Amund, Sheriff of the frontier mountain town Barrindal, finds himself left to his own resources when the town's garrison is called away. After a new band of vicious bandits takes advantage of the moment to wipe out nearby farming families, Amund has no choice but to round up the few reliable men in town and hunt the killers down. Armed with their swords and their courage, Amund and his men pursue the deadly gang into the forest, heading to a terrible confrontation at Frostveil Mountain.
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