The Journal

Author: Lori Meyer
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2012


When Lilian finds herself kidnapped, the only thing providing her with a shred of hope is a small brown book. But can the words jotted inside its binding help her make her way to freedom?Come celebrate Halloween in ways both spooky and fun in this collection of sixteen short stories spun by talented new voices in science fiction and fantasy. Insecurity Complex, by Jade KerrionEmpty Glass, by P.L. BlairThe Red Card, by Sheenah FreitasChanceus, by L'Poni Baldwin My Soul To Take, by L.M. BoelzThe Nest, by Linell JeppsenThe Medusa Touch, by Sam KatesSkinshade, by T. Jackson KingLittle Girls Squealing in the Yard, by Lalo LaFleurTender Moments, by Massimo MarinoBlood Relation, by Patrick OttusoGrandma to the Rescue, by Sharon L ReddyThe Power of Spirit, by Ch'kara SilverWolfDominique, by Edwin StarkIn Space No One Can Hear You Scream, by Lisa WilliamsonSpoils of Earth, by Michael Youngblood
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