The Earth-stepper's Bargain: A Short Story

Author: Jennifer Bresnick
Book #0 of Series: N/A
View: 72
Published year: 2012


Cal Denaldor is the newest owner of the Rhaveren, an enchanted sword he wields for one purpose: revenge. Or is the sword wielding him? On a search for the man who kidnapped his wife, Cal must decide to take charge of his fate, or accept the path the sword has chosen for him. Visit for full-length works by this author.The Man Who Loved Christmas, the title of the first story in this collection of mystical tales, is an almost fairy-tale about family and life and Christmas and love that never dies. Protagonists in the other stories range from a teenage girl to an old woman with the theme of family and love and unseen possibilities in the Christmas season.This collection contains six stories of mysticism, hope and charm, a Christmas gift to readers.
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