House of Thebes: The Beginning

Author: Courtney Cole
Book #0.5 of Series: The Bloodstone Saga
View: 32
Published year: 2012


Born a goddess, controlled by the Fates, Macy Lockhart is tricked into believing that she is a Keeper in the ancient organization, the Moirae. She lives over and over in lives that live tragically, all to serve her purpose in the organization created by the Fates. But if you’ve read the Bloodstone Saga, you know that Macy’s life isn’t what it seems to be. She’s not Macy Lockhart at all, she is Harmonia, the goddess of peace and contentment and her purpose is much more important than she ever thought she would be. If you’ve read the Bloodstone Saga, you know what happens to her. Harmonia lives and dies a thousand times, losing her soul mate in each life. You’ve read the stories. But there is one thing you haven’t read yet. The beginning. In the novella, House of Thebes, the story of how Cadmus and Harmonia met for the first time is finally told. Every love story has a beginning. This is theirs. This book contains three bonus short stories based upon characters from The Bloodstone Saga, Lies That Bind, Wicked Enchantment and the never before released, At Morning’s Light.