Conspiracy: Earth

Author: N.T. Bergeron
Book #0 of Series: N/A
View: 39
Published year: 2012


They are called conspiracy theories, but Nick Kalvane is about to discover the out of this world truths these theories are used to conceal.Nick Kalvane is being watched by a shadowy, black ops group, who have an interest in abilities that Nick is blissfully unaware he possesses. While on a solo trip to the governmentally denied Groom Lake facility in the Nevada desert, Nick is abducted, and comes to in a strange room. There he is visited by the man who abducted him, Bill McGraw, who indoctrinates Nick that an extraterrestrial race from a planet that comes into close orbit with Earth every thirty six hundred years combined their own DNA with primitive man to create a race of slaves known as human beings. A civil war on that planet halted the program but Nibiru is set for another near Earth encounter and they aim to pick up where they left off.