Arcana: A recollection

Author: Liberty of the Aether Project
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2013


Stuck in a life of serving ale in the Kingdom of Harkon, fate changes for Isaac when a strange traveller enters his inn. The patrons respond violently to the stranger, only to be stopped by an armed escort. This stranger, known as Jacques, hails from Arcana, the rival nation of Harkon. Isaac ends up dragged along in a fantastic adventure, both on the roads of Harkon and through Jacques' memories.Isaac has spent most of his life serving the countless patrons of the King's Rest inn in Harkon. It is a mundane life, and one he does not care for, since he prefers scholarly pursuits. He is obliged to aid his father in the family business, and there is no visible path for a different future. However, that all changes one night when a strange traveller enters the King's Rest inn. His appearance prompts a violent response from the inn's patrons, but they are stopped by Harkonian soldiers. What makes it even stranger is the appearance of Brahm, one of the great leaders of the Kingdom of Harkon. Isaac learns that the stranger, known as Jacques, hails from the nation called Arcana, the nation which is Harkon's most bitter enemy and whose people are hated with a burning passion by the Harkonians. His curiosity gets the better of him about Jacques, and in time he pursues the Arcanian to write a chronicle about the traveller's life.Isaac ends up being dragged along in an incredible adventure, both through the memories of Jacques and their slow passage through Harkon. In the midst of this knowledge seeking and adventure, malicious forces rise to bring about the destruction of both Arcana and Harkon. What exactly are the goals of this strange traveller, and how did he become an associate of one of the most influential figures of Harkon? Isaac has many questions, and only Jacques holds the answers.
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