All You Desire

Author: Kirsten Miller
Book #0 of Series: N/A
View: 29
Published year: 2011


Temptation Treachery Passion Haven Moore fled to Rome a year ago, leaving behind the Ouroboros Society and its diabolical leader, Adam Rosier. Now she's back in New York City with her beloved Iain. But Iain's supposed to be dead. And if they blow his cover, Adam won't give them any second chances. Meanwhile, Beau Decker is missing. His life rests in Haven's hands. The Horae, a group of mystical sisters, hold the key to Beau's fate. They want to lock Adam away forever, and Haven is his only weakness. To save Beau, Haven must seduce Adam and lure him into the Horae's lair. But Adam Rosier has always had a funny way of seducing her. And the closer Haven gets to her enemy, the more she succumbs to his spell. Beau's life hangs in the balance - but this time, Haven can't even trust herself. Every decision she makes will shape her destiny. How far will she go for the people she loves?
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